Defra: Being part of the EU is better for Fish and Seafood

Posted on 12/05/16 by Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs

Defra puts forward its facts and figures on why the UK in the EU is better for fish and seafood.


By staying in Europe we have a place at the negotiating table and can lead and influence decisions to better protect fish, seafood and the marine environment.

Access rights to fish

Europe shares its fishing waters – fishing beyond our waters is worth £100 million to the UK.

The EU negotiates access and quota agreements outside the EU that are worth millions to the UK:

If we leave the EU we wouldn't automatically control our fishing waters:

Ÿ- we would need to renegotiate access and quota in the areas we fish outside our watersŸ

- without collective EU negotiation it would be challenging to get the favourable access we have now

- we would still have to share rights to fish in UK waters because cooperation with other States would need to continue

UK leading the way

We were at the forefront of reforming the Common Fisheries Policy, leading to better outcomes for our fishing industry:

- regionalised decision-making

- a legal commitment to fish sustainably

- a ban on the wasteful practice of discarding

- science and evidence led decision making on quotas