The case for Brexit

Posted on 11/05/16 by Malcolm Bouchier

Malcolm Bouchier, concerned citizen, makes the case for Brexit

I believe that all fishermen of Britain should read this before the in/out referendum on June 23rd. This is not a 'leap into the unknown' scare story or any of the made up horror stories about leaving the EU. This is a true story which leaves the reader, particularly if he is a fisherman, a solid base on which to make his decision.

Greenland, a country where 85% of its income comes from fishing, being closely aligned to Denmark, joined the then EEC in 1973. They then immediately had to follow the Common Fisheries Policy which soon started to impact their fishing and their income. Year by year the Greenlanders saw their quality of life decline as their fisheries became increasingly destroyed. By 1985 the Greenlanders had had enough and voted to leave the EU - the only country, so far, ever to do so. They then set about rebuilding their fisheries, free of the constraints of the CFP. Now, Greenland's economy is booming, their fishing waters are full of healthy fish and their standard of living is higher than that of Britain, France or Germany.

We could do the same as Greenland, but only if we are no longer in the EU and free from the CFP which is planned to get worse. What would be the point of spending money to rebuild our fishing stocks if the other nations of the EU are then free to take back to their countries some 67% of it?

As a point of interest, I moved to Louth some 19 years ago. Louth is just 18 miles away from Grimsby which, I am told, was once the biggest fishing port in the world and was a relatively rich and bustling town with plenty of job opportunities. The decline of Grimsby started after Britain joined the EEC in 1973 when the CFP was enforced. Today, Grimsby is but a shadow of its former self and is a town of high unemployment

I hope that my true message is seen by all fishermen of Britain and their families and that this message will guide them into making the right decision at the referendum – which, I believe, is to be out of the EU and free, once more, to rebuild Great Britain.