Wilful Ignorance

16th May 2019 in Fisheries Science, Sustainability / Environment

We liked this antidote by Sustainable Fisheries UB to George Monbiot’s “wilful ignorance” published recently in the Guardian.

Wilful Ignorance
Fact-checking George Monbiot's 'Stop eating fish' opinion in The Guardian By Max Mossler

Fact-checking George Monbiot's 'Stop eating fish' opinion in The Guardian

Last week George Monbiot published an op-ed in The Guardian titled: Stop eating fish. It’s the only way to save the life in our seas. It has been shared over 20,000 times across social media spreading misinformation and fearmongering far and wide. Our contribution to clean it all up was a fact-checking of many of Monbiot’s ridiculous statements. It sometimes feels petty to publish these things, but Max does a nice job explaining the importance of fact-checking in the first few paragraphs of his piece.

A refreshing opposite to the lack of science in The Guardian is the New York Times. They recently published a large online (and print) infographic and article about the climate impacts of different kinds of food. They used figures from one of my recent papers and cited some of our reference pages on SustainableFisheries-UW.org. The article does an excellent job linking climate change to food choices. Kudos to them.

If you see any fisheries misinformation in mainstream media that warrants a response, or examples of good, evidence-based fisheries reporting worth highlighting, send them to us. You can get in touch by messaging us on Twitteror Facebook or through the website directly.

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