South East: TACs and Quotas

19th December 2011 in South East, TACs and Quotas

Tony Delahunty, Chairman of the NFFO South East Committee, represented the South East’s interests at the December Council said:

“It is clear to me that the industry must stay engaged with the process in Brussels and especially at the December Council. These decisions have a direct impact on fishermen’s livelihoods and the viability of vessels of whatever size. It is often forgotten that arguments about the share of the quotas, after the TAC has been decided, is often secondary to fishermen’s livelihoods to the overall size of the cake.”

“TAC increases in Eastern Channel plaice and sole should ease the position for under-10s and POs next year. And although the approach to Skates and Rays remains far too blunt, a rollover on the TAC for 2012 was a useful result against the background of the Commission’s proposals for a 15% cut. We must continue to press for a more rational management approach that takes into account the different conservation status of different species under the broad heading of “Skates and Rays.”

“The deep rooted problems of the inadequate cod quota in area VIId will not be addressed by the decisions in this Council. A 1% cut is neither here nor there in the scale of things.”

Because the Eastern Channel is within the Cod Recovery Zone, the larger vessels will be subject to all the constraints and perversities of the effort regime.”