NFFO West Coast Committee Hard at Work

10th May 2013 in West Coast

The NFFO West Coast Committee met in Morecambe on 9th May to address the wide range of issues it is engaged in the North West.

The Committee:

Reviewed progress on engagement with eastern Irish Sea wind farm developers and proposed draft terms of reference for the West of Morecambe Fisheries Fund industry advisory group.

  • Reviewed the status of other sources of funding available to the north west industry.
  • Reviewed the status and progress on Marine Conservation Zones and European Marine Sites including responses to the proposed Fylde Offshore and Wyre and Lune MCZs.
  • Resolved to explore opportunities to enable regional community quota management for the under 10 fleet with Defra and the MMO.
  • Approved an application to support an ice plant project for the Barrow and Furness Fishermen's Association.
  • Reported on the status of the North West discards trial project that the Committee is conducting with Cefas, and on the Committee's work to secure appropriate gear selectivity measures suited to the over 10 Irish Sea English nephrops vessels under the Cod Recovery Plan. Chairman of the Committee Ron Graham said: "The Committee continues to provide the focal point to address the myriad of issues, threats and opportunities facing the North West English fishing communities. It is only through a coordinated and collective approach that we can secure change for the benefit of our local industry, whilst successfully defending our interests." (Photograph: West Coast Committee Chairman, Ron Graham)