NFFO launches 'Fishing Matters' blog

25th November 2014 in NFFO

Ex-England Rugby star and TV personality, Matt Dawson, kick-starts the blog with his entry, in which he praises the work of UK fishermen.

NFFO launches 'Fishing Matters' blog

Ex-England rugby star Matt Dawson has launched the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisation’s (NFFO) new blog with an article praising the work of UK fishermen and encouraging the British public to be more adventurous with the species of fish they try.

‘Fishing Matters’ is the NFFO’s latest initiative highlighting the great work happening in all sections of the industry. It’s also a way of providing a platform for small scale fishermen to have their voices heard and share best practice with one another, as well as acquainting them with processors, supermarkets and consumers, strengthening relationships and creating links within the industry.

Matt is a self-proclaimed fish enthusiast and created the TV programme ‘Matt and Mitch’s Big Fish Recipes’ in which he accompanied Michelin Star chef Mitch Tonks on a foodie’s adventure of the UK. The pair travelled the UK coast, making pit-stops in fishing bays up and down the country and cooking a host of fish recipes. In his blog entry, the Question of Sport panellist commends UK fishermen for their hard work and says the public has ‘no idea of the commitment, the sacrifice and downright graft’ it takes to provide a constant, diverse food source.

Barrie Deas, Chief Executive of the NFFO, said: “As an open, outward-facing organisation, the NFFO is keen to provide a platform for dialogue to those with the interests of the fishing industry at heart. We have already managed to gather a great variety of blogs from industry experts throughout the catching and consumer sectors, as well as processors and supermarkets. The blog is a true representation of the effects of the work of fishermen.”

‘Fishing Matters’, which is being hosted on the NFFO website, also includes a contribution from Matt’s fish food partner Mitch, who provides advice to fishermen on making their catch as desirable to chefs as possible to command higher prices at auction. The NFFO has already received further contributions from a Press Association journalist, the UK’s seafood authority Seafish, and fishermen themselves.

In 2013, 12,150 British fishermen landed 624,00 tonnes of sea fish in the UK, amounting to a value of £718m – all from a range of small, medium and large fishing vessels.

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