NFFO Announces new Chairman-Elect

27th September 2013 in Executive, NFFO

The National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations has announced that Tony Delahunty, a fisherman from Selsey in Sussex and member of the NFFO Executive, has been unanimously elected to the position of Chairman Elect.

NFFO Announces new Chairman-Elect

He will succeed to the position of Chairman of the NFFO next year, when the current office holder, Paul Trebilcock, completes his period of office.

Tony operates an under-10 metre vessel targeting both shellfish and whitefish from Selsey, is already Chairman of the NFFO’s South East Committee and represents the South East on the NFFO Executive Committee.

Tony Delahunty said, “I am grateful for the confidence of my colleagues on the NFFO Executive. It is important that the Federation continues to reflect the diversity of our fleets and I look forward to playing my part. What I have learnt since becoming part of the NFFO Executive is that the Federation undertakes a huge amount of work on behalf of the fishing industry and that work is enhanced and strengthened by the support and involvement of grass roots fishermen.”

“There are some enormous challenges on the horizon, not least the implementation of EU discard ban. Fishermen must prepare by ensuring that the industry speaks with a clear, strong, voice. At the same time, there are encouraging signs in many stocks that the sacrifices over the last decade, and our work with fisheries scientists, are paying off.

“The whole question of the practicality of the new regime should now take place at the heart of the debate. Unless the rules make sense at vessel level, the whole exercise is at best futile and at worst could undermine the good work done so far.”