13th August 2009 in NFFO

The NFFO’s AGM will this year be held in St William’s College, York, on Thursday 17th September at 10.30. All NFFO members are welcome to attend.

UK Fisheries Minister Huw Irranca-Davies will be the guest of honour and will be available for around an hour to take questions from the floor. This is a unique opportunity for members to raise their concerns directly with the man in charge and who represents the UK in Brussels.

This is a critical time for fisheries and although the points raised will depend entirely on the members in attendance, it can be expected that at least some of the following major issues will be raised:

  • impact of the EU cod recovery plan and effort control
  • marine conservation zones and the future of fishing
  • quota issues
  • quota and rules driven discards
  • CFP reform and a move away from micromanagement of fisheries
  • impact of offshore wind-farms
  • shellfish conservation policies
  • TAC issues and the December Council
  • light dues, fuel duty and other industry support measures
  • new Control Regulation and the margin of tolerance issue
  • fish prices and oil price

In addition, the AGM is an opportunity to bring the Minister’s attention (and that of the senior officials’ who will accompany him) a range of local, regional and port issues.

Please advise the NFFO Office - on 01904 635430 - of your intention to attend to allow us to estimate numbers for catering.