11th August 2010 in NFFO

The NFFO’s annual general meeting for 2010 will be held, in York, on 6th September.

The venue for this year’s meeting is the Churchill Hotel, 65 Bootham, York, YO30 7DQ. All NFFO members are welcome.

The meeting will begin at 12 Noon with formal business and NFFO members and guests will be joined by Richard Benyon MP, Minister with Responsibility for Fisheries and the Marine Environment.

The Minister will follow custom by make a short address but will then be available to answer questions from the floor.

The AGM provides an opportunity for NFFO members to raise specific issues and concerns in any of the Minister’s areas of responsibility. The advent of a new administration is always a good time to press for a change in policy direction before ministers become swamped by events.