Mandatory Carriage of Epirbs on all 12-15 metre fishing Vessels

15th December 2008 in Safety

The NFFO puts a lot of effort into ensuring that statutory safety rules are practical and cost effective;

this is done mainly through the Federation’s seat on the Fishing Industry Safety Group. The Safety Group provides a forum where the MCA and the fishing industry can exchange views on all aspects of fishing vessel safety.

A recent issue under discussion was the MCA’s intention to make Epirbs (emergency radio position reporting beacons) mandatory for vessels between 12 and 15 metres.

European Fisheries Fund grants through the MFA are still available for the purchase and installation of epirbs but this will end when they become mandatory. It would be wise for all vessel owners of fishing vessels between 12 and 15 metres to fit them now with grant assistance and the NFFO has issued advice to this effect. The grant rate is 40% with an additional 20% for vessels under 10 metres in length.