Founder of Modern Fisheries Science Congratulates NFFO Report “Optimistic, Factual, Cool”

19th May 2014 in NFFO

The NFFO is delighted to have received words of appreciation for its recently published Chairman's report, from legendary fisheries scientist, Sydney Holt. Along with, Ray Beverton, he wrote the seminal work on fisheries science On the Dynamics of Exploited Fish Populations in the late 1940s, which laid the foundations of modern fisheries science and is still much in use today. His contribution to the theory of fisheries science as well as his later role as advisor and negotiator for the United Nations FAO in Rome, are highly regarded in scientific and conservation worlds.

Sydney's email to the Federation says:

I have just read Paul Trebilcock's Chairman's report to nffo's AGM earlier this month. To someone who, now at age 88, has spent almost all of his working life as a scientist working for better, sustainable fisheries, it was a great pleasure to read an optimistic and factual, cool document like that and I want to congratulate him warmly, and especially on his election as President of the organisation.Keep up the good work

Sidney Holt.

We are very proud to have received this warm appreciation from a scientific giant.