Fishing Industry Organisations across the UK Unite

27th April 2018 in Brexit, Europe / Common Fisheries Policy

“We intend to Hold Government to Account on Brexit Commitments” A broad cross-section from all parts of the UK fishing industry, met recently in Manchester to take stock of the UK’s exit negotiations with the EU, and to agree the elements of a campaign to hold the Government to account on its commitments to the fishing industry.

Fishing Industry Organisations across the UK Unite

A spokesman for the group, speaking after the meeting, said:

“The Prime Minister and her ministers have been very clear that when the UK leaves the EU, under international law, the UK will hold the legal status of an independent coastal state. That means that following the transition period, the UK will no longer be subject to the Common Fisheries Policy and will be able to negotiate bilateral agreements with those countries with which it shares fish stocks. “

“Equally, the EU has made it clear that they will fight very hard, using a trade deal as leverage, to maintain the status quo on access to UK waters and quota shares and are preparing to use a trade deal as leverage.”

“Against this background, fishing organisations across the whole of the UK:

1. Are determined that fishing should not be sacrificed to other national priorities, as it was in 1973

2. Are determined to end the asymmetric and exploitative relationship through which EU vessels catch 4 times as much (in value terms) from UK waters as UK vessels catch in EU waters

3. See unimpeded trade in all UK fisheries products as something that supports the economic models of businesses throughout the whole of the supply chain, within the UK but also the EU.”

The spokesman added:

“The measure against which the Government’s commitment and resolve will be judged, after the negotiations conclude in October, are these:

1. Whether the UK has both the legal status, and the freedom to act, as an independent coastal state

2. Whether UK catching opportunities broadly reflect the fish and shellfish resources located within UK waters

3. Whether we have a mutually beneficial trade regime with as few impediments as possible for all UK fishery products.

4. Whether there is scope to develop a domestic fisheries regime tailored to the contours of the UK fleet, based on sound scientific advice and principles of sustainability”

“In many respects, fishing is a litmus test for Brexit. People well beyond the confines of the fishing industry are aware of how badly our industry has been treated and will be looking closely at the final deal presented to Parliament for a meaningful vote. A betrayal would be heavily punished politically. For these reasons we will be campaigning in the coming months to reinforce the key message that there must be no repeat of 1973; no repeat of the sell-out that has denied us the benefits of an independent coastal state for 40 years.

This Statement is supported by the following organisations:

Aberdeen Fish Producers Organisation

Anglo-North Irish Fish Producers Organisation

Anglo-Scottish Fish Producers Organisation

Clyde Fishermen’s Association

Coastal Producers Organisation

Cornish Fish Producers Organisation

Eastern England Fish Producers Organisation

The Fish Producers Organisation

Fife Fish Producers Organisation

Interfish Producers Organisation

Isle of Man Fish Producers Organisation

Klondyke Fish Producers Organisation

Lowestoft Fish Producers Organisation

Lunar Fish Producers Organisation

National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations

New Under 10m Fishermen’s Association

North-East of Scotland Fishermen’s Organisation

Northern Producers Organisation

Northern Ireland Fish Producers Organisation

North Sea Fish Producers Organisation

North Atlantic Fish Producers Organisation

Orkney Fish Producers Organisation

Scottish Fishermen’s Federation

Scottish Fishermen’s Organisation

Shetland Fish Producers Organisation

South-West Fish Producers Organisation

Wales and West Coast Fish Producers Organisation

Welsh Fishermen’s Association

West of Scotland Fish Producers Organisation

Western Isles Fishermen’s Association