Executive Thanks Special Advisor

29th June 2010 in Executive

At its most recent meeting, in Newlyn, the NFFO Executive thanked Barry Edwards for his five years in post as the NFFO’s (unpaid) Special Advisor.

Before he retired from Defra, Barry was Head of fishing vessel licencing, quota management, control and enforcement and as such, he was able to advise the Federation across a wide range of issues.

NFFO Chairman Davy Hill said,

“Across five years Barry’s experience, advice, and general wisdom have strengthened and refined the Federation’s work in innumerable ways. His contribution in Executive Committee meetings and in the preparation of NFFO position papers has been immense and on behalf of the Federation as a whole, I would like to thank him very warmly.”

“Barry even undertook a wide ranging review of the Federation itself and it was extremely helpful to have a critical but friendly eye cast across our internal arrangements. We made a number of changes as a result.”

As well as his work as Special Advisor to the NFFO, Barry works three days a week as a volunteer advisor for the Citizens Advice Bureau and will continue with this work. He has also offered to continue help the Federation out on particular issues in the future on request.