Community Quota: A Workable Solution for the West Coast?

5th May 2015 in Domestic Fisheries Policy, Inshore, Irish Sea, West Coast

NFFO West Coast Committee Chairman, Ron Graham, has reaffirmed that what is needed for under 10 fleet policy is a concerted effort to examine what can work at a regional level.

Community Quota: A Workable Solution for the West Coast?

He said: “Too often policy has become bogged down by focusing too much at too high a level. There are certainly challenges in managing the capacity issues and tight quotas within the under 10 fleet, but we need to examine the options with all of the information on the table from a regional perspective. One of those options might be a community quota arrangement. We intend to look at this in some detail.”

“This is especially important as we have the next challenge of dealing with the landing obligation coming around the corner which will demand even more quick-footed management of quota than we have needed previously.”

His comments followed the latest meeting of the NFFO West Coast Committee meeting held in Morecambe on Thursday 28th April, where the Committee followed up a positive initial meeting with the MMO on the matter. The meeting also:

  • Examined the latest proposals from the NWIFCA on unifying measures across the old SFC boundaries.
  • Reviewed the ongoing relationship with marine renewables; the Committee took the view that emphasis should be placed upon collective initiatives for the next round of the West of Morecambe Fisheries Fund.
  • Discussed new proposals and responses on marine protected areas.
  • Reviewed latest developments on CFP including the landings obligation, bass measures and the drift net ban proposal.
  • Discussed developments in safety policy and the NFFO’s initiatives to supply subsidised EPIRBs, life rafts and iVMS to its small boat members.