Brexit Work

27th October 2017 in Brexit

Whilst the Exit talks in Brussels judder forward, on both sides there is a great deal of activity taking place just below the surface. As might be expected, the NFFO is fully engaged in building the conditions for a positive outcome for the UK fishing industry. Our activities were reported to our AGM, on 11th October, where the UK Fisheries Minister also confirmed Defra’s commitment to a clear but smooth departure from the EU and therefore, legally and logically, the Common Fisheries Policy.

Brexit Work

A flavour of the Federation’s work can be seen from the following checklist:

  • Withdrawal Bill – direct discussions with Defra and participation in the External Advisory Group
  • Fisheries Bill - direct discussions with Defra and participation in the External Advisory Group
  • Exit Negotiations – Defra discussions
  • Industry Finance post-Brexit – Defra discussions
  • Preparation and circulation of NFFO Briefing Notes for the above
  • All Party Parliamentary Fisheries Group – Briefing meeting
  • UK Fisheries Stakeholder meeting with Secretary of State
  • Post- Brexit Fisheries management:

  1. Teleconference with Australian fisheries expert
  2. Study tour to meet Norwegian fisheries authorities and Norwegian Fishermen’s Association
  3. Steering Committee of conference on World Fisheries Best Practice, (forthcoming)

  • Breakfast meeting with political editors (forthcoming)
  • Meeting with Defra on Trade aspects of Brexit (forthcoming)
  • Briefing meeting with EFRA Parliamentary Committee (forthcoming)
  • Meeting with Marine Management Organisation on post-Brexit UK landing obligation
  • Membership of Defra Legislative and Consultation Group
  • Labour Friends of Fishing Group launch (forthcoming)
  • House of Lords – Briefing (forthcoming)
  • Briefing for Annual Fisheries Debate in Parliament (forthcoming)
  • International Fisheries Agreements Defra meeting

The Federation’s positions on the UK’s departure from the EU and post-Brexit management regime have clearly been spelt out over two policy papers, the contents of which have now been thoroughly discussed and analysed.

Our principle focus now in ensuring that fishing is given sufficient political priority to ensure a safe passage through the turbulent waters of the exit negotiations and the smooth establishment of the UK as an independent coastal state, with the rights, and duties associated with that responsibility.