Supporting safety and training

The NFFO Training Trust was established by the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations in 1999 to support safety and training in the fishing industry.

Supporting safety and training

Since it was founded it has gifted around £750,000 to fishing organisations for use in their regions to support safety and training.

The money has been used to:

  • Assist young fishermen obtain their safety certicates
  • Provide support for fishermen to help them obtain their skipper’s tickets
  • Purchase and distribute safety equipment such as lifejackets and hand -held radios.
  • Fund the post of NFFO Safety and Training Officer.

Although affiliated to the NFFO, the Trust is managed by independent volunteers with a close understanding of the fishing industry and its needs.

The Trustees reflect a breadth of experience from different parts of the industry and different parts of the coast.

Most of the funding for the Trust to date has come from any profits that the Federation’s commercial division, NFFO Services Limited, manages to generate each year.

The amount donated to the Trust is directly linked to the amount of surplus generated by the company. This means that the whole fishing industry benefits from the success of our services Company.

It is obvious that the industry’s needs vary by area, by size of vessel and by method of fishing.

In order to reflect this diversity, the Trust makes use of the NFFO regional organisations on the coast to identify the items to which trust grants should be directed.