Will your local candidates support a better deal for our industry?

The NFFO is determined to ensure that the voice of the UK fishing industry is heard during this general election campaign. To achieve this, we are asking for help from our members.

Will your local candidates support a better deal for our industry?

Since the EU Referendum we have engaged with senior cabinet ministers and coastal parliamentarians of all parties to inform and secure the support for the opportunities that exist for the UK's fishing industry as an independent coastal state. These efforts have secured multiple commitments and promises being made to the industry that the Government will take the necessary steps to:

- Control access to UK waters and ensure UK fishermen get a fair deal on quotas

- Revive coastal communities, bringing immediate and long-term opportunities

- Grow the UK industry's role as a world leader in sustainable fisheries management

For this election, we have produced a short manifesto that aims to ensure the next Government and Parliament delivers on these promises made to NFFO members.

Our manifesto sets out how we can achieve a fair deal for the UK fishing industry as we become an independent coastal state. The NFFO manifesto is based on three key themes; independence, fairness, and sustainability and collaboration.

How can members help?

We want to secure public commitments of support from all parliamentary candidates for coastal seats during the general election campaign.

To achieve these, we are asking NFFO members to contact your candidates to share our manifesto with them and ask them to sign the 'Fair Fishing' pledge.

We have created a simple step-by-step guide to support you to do this. Download the NFFO Members' General Election Toolkit here.

This toolkit has been created by the NFFO to support members to engage with local candidates in the election. It includes:

- Guidance on how to find out who your local candidates are

- How to contact your candidates

- A template email that you can copy and paste in your email to candidates

- How to share any responses with the NFFO so that we can track all levels of support across the country

Which candidates have signed the Fair Fishing Pledge?

The NFFO has set up a dedicated Twitter account, @NFFOpledge to promote this campaign and share photos of candidates holding the Fair Fishing pledge.

We're also collecting details of every candidate that has signed the Fair Fishing pledge on our interactive map which you can view here.

I hope that all NFFO members will use these materials to contact local candidates and help to ensure that all coastal MPs in the next Parliament are committed to delivering a fair deal for the industry.

If you have any further questions, please contact Connect, the NFFO's Westminster based team, on nffo@connectpa.co.uk.