Executive Committee

The Federation’s governing body is its Executive Committee, which is comprised of two nominees from each of the member producer organisations and regional committees. The Committee elects a chairman from amongst its number, whose term of office is two years. All sub-committees and the Federation’s officers are answerable to the Executive, which meets roughly every six weeks.

Each organisation/regional committee holds two votes but in reality the Committee only very rarely decides policy through vote, preferring to work through consensus, which the whole Federation can then support. Agendas for meetings of the Executive reflect the diversity of the Federation’s membership and the current issues confronting the fishing industry. Most Executive meetings are held in the NFFO’s offices in York but periodically they are held in a fishing port or other venue.

The members of the Executive Committee for 2014/15 are:

Producers’ Organisations

Anglo-North Irish FPO
Nominee 1: N McKee
Nominee 2: A McCulla

Cornish FPO
Nominee 1: P Trebilcock
Nominee 2: S Lambourn

Nominee 1: N D Atkins
Nominee 2: A Wilson

Eastern England FPO
Nominee 1: A Locker
Nominee 2: D Winspear

Fleetwood FPO
Nominee 1: A Martinez
Nominee 2: K W Moran

Lowestoft FPO
Nominee 1: A De Boer
Nominee 2: D Salmon

North Atlantic FPO
Nominee 1: Stewart Harper
Nominee 2: Vacant

North Sea Fishermen’s Organisation
Nominee 1: W De Boer
Nominee 2: G Meun

Non-Sector Regional Committees

South West
Nominee 1: J Butterwith
Nominee 2: S Parker

North East
Nominee 1: D Clark
Nominee 2: Vacant

South East
Nominee 1: A Delahunty
Nominee 2: P Gilson

West Coast
Nominee 1: R Graham
Nominee 2: T Owen

Co-opted members of the Executive Committee

T Bartlett

R Casson

B Pawley

M Cohen