NFFO Committees

To ensure efficiency and accountability, the NFFO is comprised of a number of committees that are able to draw on the considerable expertise and knowledge available in the various policy fields.

Executive Committee

The Federation’s governing body is its Executive Committee, which is comprised of two nominees from each of the member producer organisations and regional committees. The Committee elects a chairman from amongst its number, whose term of office is two years. All sub-committees and the Federation’s officers are answerable to the Executive, which meets roughly every six weeks.

Shellfish Committee

The NFFO Shellfish Committee represents the interests of the crab, lobster and whelk fleets and vessels of all sizes and right around the coast.

Salmon Committee

The NFFO Salmon Committee works to defend the net fisheries for salmon from attack by the angling fraternity who for many years have tried to close this small but important fishery down using friends in high places and spurious conservation arguments. In fact, it is a well managed, tightly controlled fishery of local importance to the fishing communities.

Finance Committee

The Federation’s Finance Committee oversees the Federation’s financial affairs, makes recommendations to the NFFO Executive Committee and has overlapping membership with the Board of Directors of NFFO Services Limited.

Safety and Training Committee

The NFFO Safety and Training Committee meets periodically to oversee the Federation’s input to the Fishing Industry Safety Group.

North East Regional Committee

The Federation’s North East Committee is highly active and represents fishermen and vessel operators from the Scottish border to the Humber.

East Anglia Regional Committee

Covering the industry from the south of the Humber to the Thames, the East Anglia Committee caters for the small boat shellfish and fin-fish sector that dominates this region.

South East Regional Committee

The Federation’s South East Committee represents fishermen based in the Thames Estuary, Essex, Kent and Sussex.

South West Regional Committee

The South West Committee represents fishermen in the South West of England and meets on a regular basis in Plymouth and Exeter.